Airport weather

What determines how the current terminal conditions are
displayed? Is that based on airport equipment or is it via NWS station observations?

This is the KIND I like:

vs the old school text only:

I need the rain data for work so seeing the 1/3/6 hour rain fall amounts is great.

For some reason I did not see a search button on the main page or I would have looked for a possible answer.

The table is from the METARs (weather observations); there’s no METAR for KMQJ.

The text block is the TAF (area forecast); we display the nearest TAF if an airport doesn’t have one.

Does FlightAware actually use the METAR decoder software or do you get the info already decoded and tabled?

Lots of weather sites have the data you might want.

Here is Weather Underground’s history page for KIND … atename=NA

From the page for KIND, you can look at the three day summaries. The weather service also gives you the six hour precip amounts, if that is what you are looking for.