There should be something to where you can see the local weather at the airport. Something like ( Mostly Sunny visibility 10miles winds calm) Something like that way you get a better idea of whats going on there.


Look for “**** Pilot Weather” on the bottom of an airport page, it has the current METAR data. Learn to read that, and you get the current weather conditions.


Oh I will try to learn how to read that but I don’t understand any of it. Where did you learn how to read that?


Ground school…

There are also websites out there that will teach you how to “decipher” all that good old pilot jargon that we use.

No, I will not give you links, other than my “as per the ritual”


hey i had no idea they had that. is it avalible at all airports with AWOS, ASOS, and ATIS?


ATIS is different from an AWOS or ASOS. ATIS is a voice recording by an air traffic controller of the weather recorded from the AWOS with additional information related to the terminal airport.


i know damn right what ATIS is i was just asking if this is avalible at all airports with weather stations. and no one has answered my question they just keep correcting me.


Every airport with a METAR station will have the current report at the bottom of the airport info page under “Pilot Weather”.

My one home airport, KVAY, has a station.

My other home airport, N14, doesn’t.