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Hello All, I am a new student Pilot and was advised by the Airport manager that I would be able to listen to live Awos information here, if so how?

Not as far as i know.

liveatc seems more appropriate for that: http://liveatc.net/

They have a few ATIS broadcasts, not sure about AWOS.

If we’re talking about AWOS and not ATIS, many airports have a phone number you can call to hear the current AWOS. Some airports with ATIS have this as well, but it’s less common.

I’d recommend looking up your airport on AirNav and seeing if they list a phone number. It’d be under “Airport Communications,” probably right beside the AWOS radio frequency.

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Nice reference for ASOS/AWOS locale information

You may also find this to be of use:

Thanks I tried that but the number seems to be out of order contacted the airport manager and he seemed very unfriendly and stated I should look at this site for live comm to AWOS. Thanks you for your help and reply …

Yes I tried looking there as well for live broadcast of AWOS for Ksut but no dice … Thanks you for your help and replying.

I’ll go a step further using my famous invisible font:



124.175 Mhz :+1:

And from the AirNav link supplied above:

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