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Weather Forecast

I am trying to use weather forecast API Call. http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML3/WeatherForecast?airport_code=KJFK&weather_date=0

Somehow I am getting only weather forecast for next day. What should I do to get forecast for next 7 days.


TAF aviation weather forecasts are generally only available for the next 24-30 hours.

Thanks for your quick response.
I have another question different from forecast. WeatherConditions API provides CloudFriendly field. How are they defining it?

That is a human-readable conversion of the lowest cloud layer present in the “cloud_type” of the METAR and is a FlightAware-generated string. Examples are: Overcast skies, Clear skies, Raining, Snowing, Scattered Clouds, etc.

Thanks for your reply. I am seeing different values in cloud friendly field like ‘Showers’, ‘Partly cloudy’ and ‘Raining’ for the lowest cloud type ‘broken’. Are they considering any other factors to define cloud friendly field.

Thanks for your time and help,

Although the lowest cloud layer will be the primary source for that string, other condition tokens present in the METAR will also override the value. For example SN/BLSN/DRSN/SHSN will produce “Snowing”, TS/TSRA will be “Thunderstorms”, RA/SHRA/SHRAPL will be “Raining”, and SH/VCSH will be “Showers”. These example rules are not intended to be considered a comprehensive listing.

Keep in mind that the purpose of that human-friendly field is just to provide a very simple summary of the overall weather conditions.