Gaps in WeatherConditions and WeatherForecast data

When I use WeatherConditions or WeatherForecast in an API call for a particular airport, I am not getting data for every hour. Sometimes it is skipping couple of hours. For Example when I call WeatherConditions for KSWF Airport, on October 5th, data is retrieved as shown below.


In the above case, on 11/5/2019 for SWF, weather reported at 00:45 then at 3:45. The data is missing for two hours in between.

I am calling this API for every hour. If data is missing for couple hours in a day, does it mean there is no change from previous reported hour’s weather or weather observation did not happen at all? I am finding same case with Forecast weather also. Why some times weather and Forecast weather data is missing for some hours? Please advise.

Although this is undesirable, occasionally an airport may not transmit a METAR observation report on time, or the airport may miss transmission entirely. Generally, this problem is caused by upstream data transmissions and is unavoidable. As a part of normal flight planning operations, pilots always consider the weather at nearby airports to supplement or substitute missing reports.

You cannot assume that the weather is truly unchanged if there is a missing report, since there is no intentional suppression of hourly METAR reports for any normal reason.

When retrieving weather with the intention of trend analysis, we recommend ensuring that you specify howMany greater than 1, which will allow you to receive extra reports if one is missed it is later available delayed.

Thanks for your detail response. I will play with howMany parameter.

I have changed howMany parameter to 5, in WeatherConditions API and noticed that some gaps are filling. But Not everything. Still there is missing hourly data.
Also changed return_nearby_weather parameter to 1, in WeatherForecast API call, but I am not getting near by weather forecast for missing periods. Here is my API call.
Please let me know if I have to make any changes to this API call.
Thanks for all your help.