METAR not pulling most recent data


I’m calling the METAR method such as for the ICAO of KRIC. It’s pulling data an hour old. This was reported to me by a customer using my app, I verified this against that in fact the FlightAware data is not the most current as of the request.

Is the result on the API the same as the METAR on the webpage ?

I see the same METAR on and

What time was your request and what time was the METAR timestamp on

I don’t have the data anymore as the time I checked per my customers report FlightAware was one hour older than AviationWeather’s data. I’m using the flightware service so I’m not sure if that’s cached and may be different than the web page check of the data?

I just checked it again and in fact FlightAware’s is one hour old. KRIC via AviationWeather is 031554Z and FlightAware is now showing 031454Z.