european weather reports


Now, i wouldnt use the weather data on FA for critical use (flying) but I would hope if its there it would be ‘reasonably’ accurate.
Looking at EGGW and EGHI this morning for tracking purposes I thought the dates on the reports a little odd?

I hope the pages appear as I have seen them at 1050z on the 11th, the met observations (metar) appear as 27th Aug 2006 and 30th Sept 2005 respectively. Heathrow too shows CB activity with an old date but sitting here in beautiful CAVOK conditions.
Q. How does the data appear to be so out of date, if its that old better to put no report received? You wouldnt want to plan a BBQ based on whats shown…



There is a disclaimer on all pages for stuff outside the US saying it’s unreliable. Those actually are TAFs not METARs.

But anyway, it’s reasons like what you mention why we don’t support airports outside the US at all for the weather pages:


It does beg the question why bother to put it in if its so completely innaccurate (disclaimers notwithstanding) and that you dont support it (understandable).
In very simple terms is the design of the web page a ‘template’ and needs something to complete the data?

Not a big issue in the scheme of things, I trust the US wx is accurate…



Heh heh, there is a saying that goes, trust, but verify…

Many of my flight briefings have been a bust and as dynamic as weather is, and rapidly changing it is, it may be only accurate for that given moment.