How to read airport weather

2006/03/24 15:53
KAGC 241553Z VRB04KT 7SM OVC012 03/00 A3005

2006/03/23 17:32
KAGC 231732Z 231818 VRB03KT P6SM OVC035
FM0100 VRB03KT P6SM BKN035
FM1400 35006KT P6SM BKN040

This was the weather for the airport closest to me. How do you read it?
(Not a pilot but will be a student pilot in september)

The top one is the METAR (current weather) and reads weather for KAGC from the 24th at 15:53Z, wind variable at 4 knots, visibility seven statute miles, overcast one thousand two hundred, temperature three (C), dewpoint zero (C), altimeter 30.05

The bottom one is the TAF and is essentially the same format as the top one except it has the forecast (the beginning of the subsequent lines are the times the weather is valid from). BKN is broken.


I’m torn whether to decipher this for you, or show you where to get the information to do it yourself.

Following the precept of “better to teach a man to fish”:



An even better one in my opinion…

OK, I’ll bite.
At KAGC, reported on the 23rd at 1732 Zulu, Valid on the 23rd from 1800 Zulu to 1800 Zulu on the 24th… Wind Variable at 3 knots, visibility greater than 6, Overcast 3,500
From 0100Z, variable at 3, visibility greater than 6, Broken 3,500
From 1400Z, wind 350 at 6 knots, greater than 6 miles, broken 4000.


Of course YOU know, but what has the OP learned?



Thanks everyone. I probably would’ve figured it out if I stared at it long enough while drinking a beer, or awaken from a deep sleep and yelled “eureka,” but it never hurts to ask.

Also, I didn’t make it clear before (I was in a hurry, needed new batteries for my scanner) that I didn’t necessarily want to know how to read THIS forecast, but how to read any, using this as an example. As JHEM said, “better to teach a man to fish”.


Quote of the day “Eat Drink, and be Merry, for Airport is currently IFR”