Tactical Decision Aid from the NWS


VERY COOL information provided in a one web page format.

srh.noaa.gov/zhu/www/tda.php … ywind=both

Change the airport code to a weather reporting airport, push enter and all runways will be displayed. I have the link set for zulu, but you can change it to local time. Squares are color coded for flight rules which parameters are displayed within the page (scroll down a touch)


very cool!


Bright colors and lots of blocks confuse me. I’ll take a big list of undecoded METARs and TAFs along with a whole bunch of charts I don’t understand. :smiley:


:smiley: I usually chose the undecoded option with DUATS or on the aviationweather.gov site, but this here looks pretty neat. The undecoded TAF and METAR are at the bottom too.


Ditto here, un-encoded briefings for me, decoded too cluttered and takes more than one line for METARS. In this case, less is better!

What I like the best was the results of the Xwind component computations especially for airports with multi crossing runways. Haven’t seen any other site give it in such a easy request format.