Airport Monitor 2.0 Flight 1549 help

I want to track US Airways Flight 1549 with Airport Monitor 2.0 but I can’t because of this:

Please help!

What does that have to do with FA?

I saw another thread about FA on FlightAware (but not about flight 1549).

I want the traffic, not just flight 1549.

Huh?? No - “FA” is FlightAware. That’s what I was saying. You posted a screenshot of another site showing the errors. I was basically saying “What does ‘Aircraft Tracker X’ have to do with FlightAware?” And if you want to see the live traffic (as of right now), just type LGA in the airport code. If you want the traffic on said date of Sully’s adventure, you’ll have to contact FA (FlightAware) admin for that. Are you wanting to see the geese too?

Agh, made a mistake. I meant Airport Monitor actually.