FA is missing out on some aircraft

I noticed FA isn’t catching everything. Yesterday at 17:35Z, N64SZ flew within my limited UAT range (still waiting on that FA UAT antenna to be available). Flightaware never recorded the flight. I only know of two UAT receivers in the area. We have both picked up N64SZ in the recent FA flight history. So, I know the system from start to finish still operates correctly. At what point will the FA servers accept new aircraft data? It was only tracked for ~20 miles. I would guess it was picked up for ~6 minutes.

Here you go: flightaware.com/live/flight/N64 … 0102/1721Z

Misprogrammed transponder, it was transmitting an ident of N64SZ, with a hexid that corresponded to N64TZ. FA trusted the hexid more in this case.

(or there’s a bug in the UAT decoding that’s mangling the ident!)

Let’s play spot the typo!

static char base40_alphabet[40] = "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTSUVWXYZ  ..";

Fixed in github.com/mutability/dump978/c … da433372dd



Now I just have to remember how to recompile and set it back up…

I wonder how much traffic overall FA is missing without widespread 978mhz coverage. Recognizing that the missing traffic is mainly aircraft that FA is not very concerned with, I.e., light GA traffic, I do know that the adoption of ADSB via UAT is growing rapidly. My personal airplane so equipped, and there are at least a couple dozen at my airport (mainly GDL-88 installations). I heard that Freeflight systems is finally actually shipping UAT ADSB out for the experimental aircraft crowd.

Anybody have some Garmin GDL-88 sales numbers available?