airport city of location


I use FlightAware to track flights of customers I need to meet at the airport. They usually give me the city they are coming from and ETA but not the flight number or airport code. When I check incoming flight lists, many times I find airport ‘names’ that do not indicate what city it is in. When I select that airport, there is nowhere in that airports information what city it is in. I eventually figure it out but it all takes time. It would be so easy for this information to be added in the heading of the flight tracking window. For instance ‘‘Pierre Elliott Trudeau Int’l Airport (CYUL)’’ could show ‘(Montreal)’ either before Pierre or after (CYUL). Not all of us that use your information have dozens of airport codes/city associations memorized.


I don’t think Flight Aware shows cities in Canada. When I hold the mouse cursor of the airport codes the USA cities show up.


Correct! Only for airports with ICAO codes beginning with ‘K’ or ‘P’.

**lewflightinfolew **, I guess its time to memorize / familiarize yourself with ALL the Canadian codes. :slight_smile: … AO_code:_C


Seems to me you need to educate your customers on the importance of flight numbers.


We don’t have a complete list of airport-city pairs in Canada (or anywhere else outside the US), but I added Montreal so when you hold your mouse over CYUL it will display “Montreal, Quebec”.


Merci Beaucoup!