Airline slogans/tag lines

i found a site with lots of old airline timetables. thought it would be fun to see who could identify the airline from the slogan or tag line used in the timetable and the year used. (the year may actually cover more than one year. i’m using the year of the timetable for the year so if you get the decade correct consider it a correct answer) answers below in white. run your cursor over the “blank” area to reveal the answers

  1. The World’s Fair line

  2. Fly the Blue Skyway

  3. The Pacific Air Line

  4. The air line with the BIG JETS

  5. The Commuter Line

  6. The GREEN and GOLD Line

  7. One of America’s Thirty Govt. Authorized Airlines

  8. Serving the Capitals of Industry

  9. The Speed of the Plane at the Cost of the Train

  10. The Fair Weather Route

  11. The Sunshine Network

  12. Your Air Link with the World

  13. american airlines 1939

  14. Continental 1951

  15. Southwest airways 1957

  16. delta 1962

  17. southeast airlines 1958

  18. Mackenze Air Service 1940

  19. Southwest Airways 1947
    8 Pennsylvania Central Airlines 1939
    9 TAT Maddux Airlines 1930

  20. Standard Air Lines 1929

  21. Sudan Airways 1968

  22. Southern Rhodesia Air Services 1940

That some pretty obscure stuff

i did say they were old ones. :slight_smile:

Those are great rw812!! Thanks for sharing them. One of my favorite airline slogans (not near as old), I remember hearing and seeing on TV when I was a kid - “Continental Airlines, the proud bird with the golden tail”
(Because of that, I was dissappointed when CO changed the livery.)

As the wags would say, the proud bird with the golden ass!

It’s interesting to see how many of those aren’t in business anymore.

I think one of the best that I have ever seen was from Piedmont Airlines prior to the USAirways Merger.

“Piedmont Flies The Friendly Skies”
“Piedmont, The Up and Coming Airline”


are you sure about the friendly skies slogan? United would have had a cow because their slogan was fly the friendly skies

One ex COA employee I used to work with called in the proud bird with the brass ass.

you’re correct - i should have said brass, not golden

Yeah. They used it before United started using it,


On tv “Western Airlines, the only way to fly” with a destination on the vert stablizer which changed between ads.