favorite Legacy Airline


Who is your favorite?
Who is the best?
Who is the worst?


Favorite- hard Continental or Jetblue
Best- Can’t tell you
Worst- Had to of been Independence Air but I do miss seeing there Aircraft.


JetBlue and Independence aren’t legacy carriers.


Legacy carriers are…

  1. Continental

  2. American

  3. United

  4. Delta

  5. Northwest

  6. US Air


just had to give my op. :smiley:

the way NWA looks, the WONT be an airline anymore

actually they probably will remain an airline but they still are the worst airline :smiley:

best: 1)Continental
5)Us Air
6)that other airline???
favorite: United


…and Independence Air isn’t an airline anymore. Note the OP says “IS” (not “was”). It cannot be the worst anymore.

The only thing that really sucked about them was their business plan. Really bizarre management running that ship into the ground like that! It was like a CFIT where the pilots (in VFR conditions) just sat there watching in disbelief as the mountain was getting ever closer.

They brought a lot of competitive prices to IAD when they were there. I was sorry to see them go. But it’s survival of the fittest in the airline industry, and you won’t stay fit very long hemorrhaging cash out the wazzu the way they did.


Look at how to set this question up as a poll (or as three polls, actually). Then, you’d have many more votes that the few who posted their picks here.

Sample topic name: “POLL: Favorite Legacy Airline”


what is a legacy airline?


It’s the latest buzzword for the major airlines that are still around from pre-deregulation days. What’s stupid about it is that doesn’t include Southwest which was formed years before deregulation and is still making money but it does include US Airways which was only a regional carrier before deregulation.


Southwest Airlines was formed less than ten years before deregulation (Air Southwest was formed a few years before, serving 3 Texas cities), and didn’t expand outside of Texas area until the '80s.

You may argue that US is not the traditional legacy, but there is NO WAY that WN can be considered a legacy.


Actually, what I was getting at is that using the word “legacy” in the airline sense - or any other business, for that matter - is stupid.

Main Entry: 1legacy
Pronunciation: 'le-g&-sE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -cies
Etymology: Middle English legacie office of a legate, bequest, from Anglo-French or Medieval Latin; Anglo-French, office of a legate, from Medieval Latin legatia, from Latin legatus
1 : a gift by will especially of money or other personal property : BEQUEST
2 : something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

Main Entry: 2legacy
Function: adjective
: of, relating to, or being a previous or outdated computer system

So while I think the link is weak, perhaps the people who insist on calling American et al legacy carriers are using the second definition of the first entry: something transmitted… from an ancestor. Obviously, the airlines - the majority of them - are not getting anything from their ancestors or else the airlines as a group wouldn’t be in such a mess as they are today.


Where are getting your definitions from? Merriam-Webster defines legacy as:

*2 : *something transmitted ** by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

And English is an always-evolving language; if everyone had your outlook we’d still be talking like Beowulf.


I usually think of a legacy as something good, such as the legacy that Ronald Regan left of the torn down wall, not something bad like high debts and low morale.


I don’t think positive or negative connotation really matters.


My favorite legacy to travel on is continental.Also I think they are the best in u.s. then followed by american and united.I have not flown delta in 3 years,and around that time I would have ranked them at the bottom,but I have talked to quite a few pax,and most have had a good expierience using them as of late…


javascript:emoticon(’:roll:’) So, what’s Pan Am? Legacy hopped liver?


Nonexistent, unfortunately.


Non-existent, yes. But still remembered with amazing tenacity by thousands of former Pan Am employees, their relatives and children, former passengers. I’m amazed at how many people keep Pan Am alive in their memories.


Delta forever


Who is your favorite?
Who is the best?
Who is the worst?

My fave would have to be - Seaboard World Airlines (Cargo/Non Existent)
My best - Hawaiian Airlines (only because their B717’s have some decent legroom for a 6’3" person)
My worst - Aloha Airlines (No legroom for 6’3" person…:laughing:)