favorite legacy airline



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The term “legacy airline” is stupid in my oh-so-humble opinion. There’s *nothing “legacy” about them. They just happend to be older airlines that have survived mismangement.

Legacy doesn’t even really apply for the airlines. Here’s the two definitions of legacy:

1 : a gift by will especially of money or other personal property : BEQUEST
2 : something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past *

The first definition obviously doesn’t apply. Going to the second definition: what was transmitted or received by an ancestor to make the so-called legacy airlines legacy?

Because these airlines are composed of other airlines, why not extend the poll to the airlines that merged into these.

Here’s a few airlines I can think of that were merged into the so-called legacy airlines:

Eastern is now part of Continental

Ozark is now part of American due to TWA’s merger into American

Hughes AirWest (itself a merger of three airlines), Southern, and North Central merged into Republic and then merged into Northwest (this is the reason why NWA has so many DC-9’s)

PSA was raped by US Airways (USAir)

Air Cal is now part of American.

Piedmont also went to US Airways (actually, it was USAir at the time).


Because they don’t exist anymore.

And I was under the impression that EA dissoved and sold its route network to CO and AA.


Don’t forget Western’s merger with Delta. I noticed flight attendants wearing pins that said “RD” on them. When I inquired they said it stood for “Real Delta”. There was quite a flap merging the unions and pilot schedules.


Eastern was sold to Texas Air, owned by Frank Lorenzo. The unions were asked to take cuts in benefits. The mechanics and ramp service people went on strike. The pilots and flight attendents joined in a sympathy strike.

Lorenzo sold the Air Shuttle to Trump and other parts of Eastern to Continental at terms that were not good for Eastern. Eastern then filed for bankruptcy. They sold their Latiin American services to American and transatlantic services to Continental.

In January 1991, Eastern, one of the oldest airlines in the USA, died due to the strikes by the idiots in the union and by the idiot in management.

The poll should be one of which airline is your favorite, whether it’s still flying or not.


Still, Eastern would NOT have been one of my favorites. No, Far from it! I flew on Eastern once (and ONLY once). It was my 3rd trip on a jet airliner, and I was every bit as excited about it as I was my first. During the flight, a male flight attendant singled me out and asked me for my ticket. I’d put my ticket away in my bag, but had my boarding pass handy so I handed that to him. I figured how could I get a boarding pass without a ticket? He snidely said, “Would you like to BUY a ticket now?” I told him, "No thanks, I have one already. I motioned to the guy next to me that I had to get into the overhead bin - he got up, I got my ticket out and handed it to the boy-stew. He examined it, handed it back to me and then just walked away… no aplogy - nothing. That really stung me and left a pretty bad “Eastern” aftertaste in my mouth.

TWA would be my pick.


In the “no longer airborne” category my picks would be National and PanAm.


If we’re going to turn this into an ‘airlines that no longer exist’ discussion, consider Mohawk and Allegheny (became part of the original US Air); America West (lastest addition to US Air); Capital (bought by United, I think); Texas International (bought by Continental); Braniff (just plain folded); and Peoples Express (maybe another Continental buyout on its death bed).

Bonanza, Republic, Lake Central, Florida Express, and Northeast have also disappeared.

For the purpose of this poll, I’m going with American, but it’s far from my favorite airline. Being a former New Englander whose first favorite airport was KBOS, the ‘yellowbirds’ of Northeast have found a soft spot in my heart, though I’m not sure whether I’d ever flown them.


Here’s a research assignment …

I don’t know if this one is still flying or not, but it would never be classified as a ‘Legacy’ line: Boston-Provincetown Airways.

Another dead airline: Champion (hubbed out of KLAS).

Gasping its last breath? Hooters.


It was Provincetown-Boston Airways (PBA) and their niche market has been filled by CapeAir.

I had the pleasure of flying the old PBA DC-3s on many an occasion heading for the Vineyard or Provincetown as a jumping off point for some Downeast sailing.

You could tell all the “old hands” on the planes if it was raining as we’d all don our foul weather jackets before boarding. All of those old birds leaked like a sieve, but they were utterly reliable and would shake, rattle and groan their way to your destination.

It was rather other-worldly to arrive in BOS from LGA via the shuttle, get off the usually shiny new 727, usually via the rear airstairs if you were in the rear of the aircraft, and see the prehistoric appearing PBA DC-3 waiting for you.

If you’re heading for the Vineyard or Nantucket nowadays from NYC or BOS, you could do a lot worse than to consider flying with CFIJ’s wife’s employer, Linear Air.


People keep screwing up the English language. PBA was an old airline - it started service in 1949. If people are using “legacy” to mean old airlines then PBA would have been one. If you go by aircraft used, they would also be a legacy airline. They flew the world’s highest time DC-3.


Continental is good for me, they protect me he he he. :laughing: