Airline news: JetBlue


According to Airline News, jetBlue is looking at adding First Class seating.


makes sense

it both valves off some capacity AND increases yield

I imagine they’d use a model similar to Airtran’s (fixed upgrade cost to F seat).

It also makes your FF program a lot more attractive as it’s something you can give to your elites and is a different way to burn miles/credits.


They really should look at Airtran’s business class. It is too costly to have two seperate classes. Airtran just has a bigger seat.


Well going by that jetBlue could just widen their even more legroom seats and then sell those as business. Maybe they could also throw in some perks like free wi-fi (once in place).

Sounds good to me!


JetBlue to charge for pillows, blankets

JetBlue, the third-busiest airline at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, is going to begin charging passengers for pillows and blankets.

The airline announced Monday that it will replace its old in-flight pillows and blankets with an “eco-friendly” kit that can be purchased on flights of longer than two hours.

Passengers will have to shell out $7 for the pillow-and-blanket kit, though they’ll get a $5 coupon for any item at retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond with the purchase.

“Replacing our old, recycled pillows and blankets with this state-of-the-art, high-quality take home kit is an eco-conscious, health-conscious and customer-conscious decision,” Brett Muney, general manager of product development for JetBlue, said in a statement. “We are constantly seeking ways to enhance the in-flight experience for our customers, and providing them the option to purchase The World’s Cleanest travel pillow and a fleece blanket at an affordable price delivers on that promise.”

JetBlue served 858,000 passengers through the Buffalo airport last year, putting it behind only Southwest Airlines and US Airways/US Airways Express.

JetBlue’s pillow-and-blanket fee is the latest in a long line of additional charges by airlines, which have been struggling with the increased cost of jet fuel. Many airlines have begun charging passengers to check their first bag, and fliers also are paying on some airlines to book specific seats or to buy in-flight snacks and beverages.



Well, this will be a nice way to generate extra revenue without the ridiculous nickel and diming of carriers like US, and avoid the costs associated with cleaning pillows etc.


It’s only a matter of time before they outfit their PTVs w/ a credit card strip (like Frontier) and charge you 5 or 10 bucks (or more) to watch the tube. I’m a little surprised it hasn’t happened already.


On another note, Jetblue is preparing to open their new terminal, T5. … &dist=hppr

I really want to know what’s in store for the former TWA terminal.


The new JetBlue Terminal, Terminal 5 IS the former TWA Flight Center.

The base of the old terminal has been retained with its space age Eero Saarinen styling while the airside concourse has been replaced with something more modern and spacious.


You can get from the TWA terminal to the Jetblue terminal through the connecting tubes, BUT they are seperate terminals. Unless, you are an aviation enthusiast, you will have no reason to go to the TWA terminal, as it is out of way, and seems (as of now) to have no purpose in the new Jetblue terminal. Now that doesn’t mean I want them to get rid of it. It is great that they are incorporating that beautiful masterpiece into their terminal, but it seems to have no purpose.


The Jetblue fleet already has card readers on their TVs. That’s how you
access their Pay-Per-View movies.


Well if that is the case, it can’t be long before they start charging to watch t.v. The bright side is that their ad’s are probably free to watch!! :unamused:


I’m almost certain when I flew Jetblue on one of their new E190’s there was no card-reader on the ife units. I don’t think it would be worth it to service their entire E190 fleet just to add the card-readers; they’d probably waste more money implementing it than they would make.


I wonder if they could quicky do it during a d check, if not a c.