Somebody Has Too Much Time On Their Hands!!!! … illows.htm

There are better ways to make a profit.
The blankets and pillows are gross anyways.

At least just add it to the ticket price… :unamused:

In first class they are usually new, still in the bag.

I think you are allowed to keep the pillow and blanket. Also, you get $10 towards Bed, Bath, and Beyond, a net profit of $2 for the consumer.

Not really. What if you don’t go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond because it’s a stupid store? What if there are no stores in your area? And if it’s like the dollars off coupons I get way too often in my mailbox, you have to spend $x in order to take advantage of the coupon.

When I fly AA out of ORD (domestic) the blankets in first are usually already folded up jammed in the seatback or laying on the seat. Certainly not in plastic.

I haven’t seen pillows in a AGES on AA. But I’m usually flying shorter hops in/out of ORD. Not cross country (not sure if that matters).

Could be, things were changing. I lost my AAirPass and Ex Platinum status in 2007. Still have Lifetime Platinum and over 1m miles in the bank. I no longer give my neighbors free 1st class rides to Grandma’s.

Yes, you get to keep the Pillows and Blankets for the $8 and they’re brand new. It’s actually a really good deal with that considered.

It’s like the food - when it was free everyone complained that it was awful and now that its’ not free everyone complains that it’s not free anymore.

Well put!

You are on a tear Dave! Did someone piss in your Wheaties yesterday morning???

Pika. I think yesterday he woke up on the wrong side of the bed…

Noted and corrected.


He just needs his 32oz Dr Pepper. With a pillow and blanket from AA. He’ll be ok. :laughing:

Wow… I don’t know what that guys story is, but if you have a cat as your picture on here, you obviously have some issues. Hey cat man! Chill out, you sound like a D-bag… Let me guess… 47 years old, living in mom’s basement?

The pillows disappeared about the same time the little salt and pepper shakers went away. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why, but those little things always amused me.

Just what the hell do you guys mean? Oh, that’s right! I make a statement it must be wrong and my opinion is never right.

Hey, it’s better to own a cat than a dog when you live in an apartment (oh, wait! That’s wrong. That’s my statement and it can’t be right), Actually, it’s better to own a cat than a dog because cats are easier to take care of. And at least I have the skills to put up a avatar, tbowron.

I am right about having to spend a minimum amount to use the $10 coupon:

The airline will sell a blue fleece blanket with an inflatable neck pillow in a clear zippered pouch, and will throw in coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Huguely said.

Source: Business Insider (which, when I looked at the article, showed a broken AAL aircraft next to the article)

And at least I have the skills to put up a avatar, tbowron.

You’re going too far, dami!

Who the hell needs an avatar anyway!!!

What’s been wrong with you lately? Not enough DDrP?

And even Will jumps on the bandwagon! Yeah, this thread is about to get locked…