Airforce 2 flips Piper


Looks like Biden’s transport caused a stir in New York.


Must have been a Republican :slight_smile:


Here is a great registration on a Canadian Piper, would have made a great photo op if the VP’s jet wiped it out!!! … page2.html


There were no injuries as the Bidens’ 747 jet lifted off from Francis S. Gabreski Airport in Westhampton.

I thought “Air Force 2” was a 757 :confused:


air force 2 is not necessarily a 757 (actually, C-32). it’s any air force aircraft the vp is on.


It depends. The author of the article was probably wrong, but according to Wikipedia, sometimes the Vice President uses Air Force One but the call sign “Air Force 2” Dick Cheney

For the March 2002, 10-day, 12-country whirlwind trip throughout the Middle East, Vice President Dick Cheney used the VC-25A, a modified Boeing 747 that is typically reserved for the President. The aircraft used the call sign Air Force Two. During the buildup to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Cheney again used the VC-25A for an overseas trip. Cheney had traveled previously on the aircraft when accompanying George H. W. Bush as Secretary of Defense.[3][4]


Understood - that’s why I had “‘Air Force 2’” in quotes. What I meant (and should have said [but didn’t because it would’ve taken longer to type {but I ended up having to type it out anyway}]) was, “I thought the Vice President of The United States of America usually rides in a 757.”


Let this be a lesson: never try to shorten things, because in the end you will always have to type more stuff.


I can understand Cheney’s use of the VC-25 for official business to go to Iraq and the Middle East. But to vacation in the Hamptons…? I don’t THINK so!

It had better have been an error on the reporter’s part… :smiling_imp:


Don’t worry, I’m sure the taxpayers will fix it right back up for them. :unamused: These politician vacations are getting expensive.


It was the 757.

'Ol Joe just keeps messing things up. . .


It wasn’t an error by the reporter and Cheney rode the same plane when he went to Texas to hunt attorneys.

You have NO idea where Biden was coming from nor where he was going when he stopped in Westhampton for a break.