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The pop-up window when clicking Type is most helpful and well done. But when clicking it I’d like to see at least a picture of the type aircraft, and maybe a few general particulars, instead of Just the aircraft of that type that are in the air at that time. Thanks, God bless.

What pop-up window are you talking about? Are you talking about the screen that appears when you click on the type that shows all of the that type currently in air (example: )

That’s not a pop-up window.

My opinion is that the showing of an aircraft type and basic data is a very low priority. Use google,, and to look up this information.

I think a higher priority is more flexible wildcards. Here’s some examples:

SWA8*: All Southwest flights beginning with 8
SWA8?8: All Southwest flights begining with 8 followed by any one character and ending with 8
SWA8*8: All Southwest flights beginning with 8, followed by any number of characters, and ending with 8
DC?Q: All aircraft types begining with DC, followed by any single character, and ending in Q.

damiross I’m sorry, you’re right, it’s not a pop-up window as such. It’s a mouse over deal. When mousing over the aircraft type it shows in more detail what kind of aircraft it is. The specific window to which I’m referring is the one you get, for example, when an Airport Code is typed in, and the View Airport Activity button is clicked. The resultant window has a column, Type, which if moused over gives some detail description of the plane, and if clicked gives a page showing the current flights of that type aircraft. That’s where I wish there were an option or add on giving a little more information on that aircraft, and even a small picture, in a window when clicked, from Within the program, rather than having to leave and search other outside sites.

It seems like a natural to me since one of the things of interest here is airplanes, else they’d not mention types at all. Different viewers of course have different needs or wants, and thus what would be a low priority to you might be higher up to me. I agree with you on the wildcard search feature though. Admittedly it’s hard to satisfy all, though that’s the right direction within reason, and the powers that be have done a wonderful job with it. Thanks again, have a good day and God bless.

When tracking aircraft, it is necessary to mention the type of aircraft.
I would say most people using this or another tracking site would already know something about aircraft.

While a good idea, I still think that having a database on aircraft within FlightAware is a low priority. My suggestion is to use the sites I mentioned earlier for the most complete detail possible on all sorts of aircraft.

damiross, thank you. It’s just a personal opinion sir, offered as a suggestion to be looked at, or chunked. As old Howard Cosell used to say, different folks have different strokes. What’s low priority for one, is high for the other, and vice versa. I just offer it as a suggestion for consideration. It seems a natural to me for FlightAware to include the information, but if the powers that be don’t see it that way, that’s fine. It’s a wonderful program. An open mind is likely a contributing factor as to where this program is now though, fantastic.

My flying career started back in the mid 1900s so I do know “something about aircraft.” Flying as a commercial pilot is how I made my living for 40 years. I just thought it would be a nice touch for this site regardless of what either you or I might know. None of us know it all for sure. Many people who might not otherwise visit the site, which this is about, might find more information helpful, regardless of what either you nor I might know. I guess the benfits of a little more information has to be weighed against the expense, trouble etc.

I thank you for the sites you mentioned, and I do use those. Admittedly, aircraft information of all types is easy for most anyone with electricity to get. It’s the FlightAware program itself that seems to be left out of an area that seems such a natural integration to me, the actual airplanes. That, along with a host of other helpful and nice information is what this site is about.

Whatever, it was just a thought, to each his own. They can consider it or trash it, whatever, they’re doing a very good job either way. Have a good day, thanks for the help and God bless.

One other quick thought also, mousing over the airplane on the map to get the same information mousing over the Type column gives wouldn’t be half bad. God bless.

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