Aircraft in My Alerts - Highlighted in the airport list


Is it possible to highlight aircraft listed in My Alerts list so they can be highlighted if checking an airport En Route or Scheduled Departures list in FA?

For example. Aircraft N75435 (which is the new UA Retro B737-900) is added to My Alerts. Let say 3 days later I’m spotting at IAD.
I’m going to FA and checking the list for En Route / Scheduled to IAD. I see Ident, Tail Number, Type, Origin, Sched. Dep. Time, Departure and Estimated Arrival Time table for the planes.

I don’t remember all the registrations from the top of my head. It would be really nice if I could scroll down and check all the data for particular airport, with the “targeted” airplanes being shown in different colors, or the table row would be in different color.

This feature would be called Time Saver :slight_smile: As it would save a lot of time by manually putting needed registrations. When I see 3 needed regs going to BWI - I’m going to BWI. If I see my ‘targeted’ bird going to DCA I’m going to DCA etc.
So if I would have 10 -20 needed regs in My Alerts list, I would simply click on KIAD En Route, scroll down the list for the entire day worth of arrivals (same with BWI and DCA). Then I would simply decide which airport to hit to photograph needed frames.
Instead, people have to put manually registration of the aircraft that they need every day. It’s painful.

Please consider adding this feature. To an average developer it would take 1 hour of his time (at the most) to update the code.
I hope I was able to explain what I mean. If not, I’ll be glad to elaborate and give more explanations.

Thank you,

I have a similar issue!

However, in addition to or in lieu of the changes mentioned above, how about just adding the tail number to the alert notification? I just got an alert for this flight. From the information below, I have no idea what plane this is. I have to click the link to view the flight and get the tail number. Even then, I have no idea off the top of my head, like Rafal, which one this is. I usually end up looking it up on and they show a picture of the plane and I can tell which one it is. It would also be useful to have the tail number on the mobile app as well.

Upon further inspection, I can’t figure out why I got this particular alert, I don’t have the tail number N7722B in my alerts list!

My suggestion would be to add a user-supplied field with each alert and include that with the notification that is sent out, in addition to adding the tail number to the alert notification text. Also, do we really need the full mailing address and phone number for FlightAware in the alert?


Southwest #32 (B737) departed Chicago Midway Intl (KMDW) at 11:02AM CDT enroute to William P Hobby (KHOU) for an estimated arrival at 01:22PM CDT

Destination (William P Hobby / HOU): Gate 5

For more information visit

To edit or disable these alerts please visit


FlightAware - Eight Greenway Plaza - Suite 1300 - Houston Texas - 77046 - USA - +1-713-877-9010