Airbus sound to Boeing


What make the different sound of a A320 to a Boeing 737 takeing off?? The airbus has a hum to it while the boeing screams??? :confused: I have always thought about this.


Dont know for sure, but I am sure it has something to do with different types of engines! :slight_smile:!

The 737-200’s have the older “cigarette” style engines and are MUCH louder than the newer high-bypass style engines that are the norm today.

I do know what you’re talking about though, the 757 in particular has a very odd growl sometimes during takeoff. It’s pretty cool sounding actually.


I have never heard one take off BTV is a small airport :cry: But I know sitting outside on are deck I can sit there and say “Oh there goes a JetBlue 320.” But there hasn’t been a boeing 737 around here for a while only a FedEx 727-200. I wish there were more 737 flights here but airbus is taking over because it is much more quiet.


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