Air traffic as seen by the FAA via radar pings


Air traffic as seen by the FAA. VIA RADAR PINGS. :astonished: … index.html

Very cool.

I searched to see if this was posted before but didn’t see it.


Very cool indeed…thanks…TC


Excellent find!

There was a link in that site to updated graphics – worth another look!


Isn’t that pretty much EXACTLY what FlightAware has had for months?
(Found by clicking on the map on the home page)

I like how you can see the flights increasing on the east coast and spreading westward with the sun. Also how the Atlantic flights come and go in waves. (pun intended)


FA and the UCLA site obviously are both using data of the parentage (FAA), but, no, I don’t think they’re “exactly” the same.

FA has superb animation for a 24-hour period, but UCLA has different analysis techniques and color presentations. I really liked their “blob” data presentation.

Different strokes for different folks. I’m not making a comparison that puts FA into an inferior position. They’re just different, not better or worse.


I had only seen the original animation from the UCLA folks. There are some interesting things being shown there. I stand corrected.