Air Greenland


Does anybody know when to seach for Air Greenalnd on flight aware?


Since they’re a foreign operator and they only fly domestically and to Copenhagen, they’re unlikely to appear on FlightAware.


Air Greenland did open a route to BWI earlier this year but they have decided to cancel it. For more information, see
The Baltimore route is to close.


Only Ten flights for a Summer Season! What kind of frequency is that?


Last year’s flights (not this year, as I mentioned in my posting) were once a week followed by twice weekly from June 11. The flights were scheduled to end August 24 then resume the next year.

The flights for this year were scheduled to be weekly beginning June 26 and ending August 28. They evidently thought they might be able to make money with once weekly rather than twice weekly flight. In the end, they decided even that low frequency wouldn’t be able to make a profit.


they would have a been an interesting International lineup at Bwi…Icelandair 752…Air Greenland 752…Ba 763…too bad only the latter remains :frowning: .