AeroAPI 4 - Where is the developer portal with ApiKeymanagement?


That’s maybe a stupid question (sorry if it is), but I’m not able to find the webpage where I can get/generate an API Key to use the AeroAPI…

In the forum, there are some links, pointing to a page saying “Deprecated, move to AeroAPI 4”, or “Select your product” or link to Open API specification (by the way, the import in Postman does not work well… I guess there are some syntaxes issues), etc… but I cannot find any page to find an Api Key…

Any idea?

Thanks for your help

The link to get a key is on this page:

Click “Get Started” on the relevant tier.

Great, thanks!

However, I’ll won’t use it… I do not want to share my credit card info fo 0$/month…

Just for clarification regarding $0/month, that is the minimum fee. There are no free tiers. In the personal tier, you could use up to $5 ($10 for feeding ADSB data) worth of usage queries and not incur a charge to your credit card. Any usage queries above that, would be charged to the credit card on file.

Thank you for the details,I got it now. However, that does not correspond to what I wanted to do.

But don’t worry, I’ll continue to populate the system from my RPi :wink: