FlightAware API - key

Hi all,
Ive been working with some Python code, part of the config (some of you might know it already), asks for a FA enable, username and API_key.

Code below… as an example

; FlightAware API allows to get more information on the flights. Basic API access is now free
; and if you are FA feeder, your request limit is doubled. For more details check:
; AeroAPI® Flight Tracking and Flight Status API - FlightAware
fa_enable = False
fa_username = XXXXXXXX

Im an enterprise user…and have my RPi connected and tracking all perfectly, but wondering how I can get this info to make this part work.

It basically gets the additional flight data from FlightAware and allows it to be displayed/referenced.

Anyone have experience of this at all? Any advice would be appreciated.


You will need to sign up here:

Thanks Lawrence…much appreciated you getting back to me.

Is that just for Australian only?

I got redirected to here:

And then to here:

Where i picked Personal (free) and ended up here:

So im a little confused…and I admit I can be easily confused :slight_smile:

Oh I think I might have worked it out Lawrence…thankyou!!!

Got my api-key…is my username my normal username I have here?
Sorry for the questions @LawrenceHill

I believe so but I am not FlightAware staff and I can’t remember if is is possible to have a different discussion board login from your FlightAware one. Anyway, it should be the username name on your FlightAware account.

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