adsbSCOPE (alternative) for RaspberryPi


Currently I’m running my PC 24/7 for VRS, adsbSCOPE and ModeSMixer

You may ask why would I do that

adsbSCOPE --> The first program I used. There isn’t a lot of traffic in the vicinity so I drop the aircraft trail after 10 hours. This way I can always spot aircraft that have taken a different path. Last week I spotted a diversion this way.

**VRS **–> Used mainly for my range plot. Also there is more info available compared to adsbSCOPE for a flight/AC

ModeSMixer --> Started using this approx 1 month ago. Unlike VRS, ModeSMixer drops an aircraft if it doesn’t receive a signal. This way my range plot is more accurate then the one generated by VRS.

In order to conserve energy I’m looking to buy a Raspberry Pi to run these 3 applications. VRS and ModeSMixer can run on a RaspberryPi but adsbSCOPE can’t. Although adsbSCOPE isn’t really necessary VRS cannot give me the exact path flown by an aircraft. Just the start en end points.

Is there an alternative to adsbSCOPE that possesses that specific option for a Raspberry Pi: keep the actual flight path visible for a set number of hours (not minutes)?


If the basic functionality of dump1090 is OK and you just need bigger timeouts, you should be able to rebuild a version with those bigger timeouts. (They are spread around a few places unfortunately)


Is it possible to alter the timeouts yourself?
I’ve tried searching for (variations of) ‘dump1090 timeout’ but haven’t found a ‘how-to’ guide of some sort.


The dump1090-side tracking is controlled by #defines in track.h: … rack.h#L54

The display/expiry rules on the webmap are controlled in the javascript but not unified (yet) - there are a few places to tweak: … pt.js#L662 … ct.js#L319 … ct.js#L330 … pt.js#L487