Antenna Tests

I loaded up a second Pi4B and installed MODESDECO2 with abcd567 scripts and then installed VRS for their better quality mapping. This Pi I am not sharing my data with since it is used for antenna experiments and tests that’s why I did not use Pi aware image. Is there a better ADSB/MODE S decoder to use or is MODESDECO2 good enough?


Use the script of Wiedehopf, it installs readsb and tar1090. This opens the port 30005 where you then can feed your VRS.

The decoder works flawless. I am using this as default on all my Raspberries since it’s out.


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I just reimaged and installed his scripts and all is working better. I have more cheap Banggood Chinese antennas on the way to test out. the one I am using right now is the 6 dollar PCB version. I have the 1/2 wave and the amplified one ordered and shipped.

I’ll be interested to know how the amplified version performs. In theory, it should be be good.

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I have 1 main FA antenna
can i feed 2 pi4 with splitter either picture setup
or will i run into interference, over or back voltage ?
Bangs pops or smoke ?

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In the past I experimented with a few home built “ADSB CANTENNAS”. My Piaaware uses a Flightaware 1090 Antenna and a 978 Cantenna. This set up I decided to try to see what performance that the cheap Chinese ADSB antennas found on Banggood, Ali or E-Bay has to offer and trying to stay under 20 bucks per antenna. I am running a Pi4B, Flightaware Blue ADSB Dongle, 65 foot of low loss RG58 Cable. Yes I know RG58 is not that great but it was a steal at 22 dollars a roll with SMA connectors already installed. So far the cheap 6 dollar antenna (PC-Board ADSB) inside of a PVC enclosure actually works pretty good.

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Use your second layout, single LNA before the splitter, as that will give you the best noise figure.

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