Why dump1090/VRS are more popular than ModeSDeco/ModeSMixer?

I am just curious and want to know why dump1090 & VRS are more popular than ModeSDeco & ModeSMixer?
Any opinions?

I can edit the source of dump1090 and VRS. I can’t do that for modes*

Obj responds to questions extremely quick. The source is open and on github. Serg doesn’t respond to questions very often and won’t open the source. Dump1090 performs better in my opinion…

Thanks @obj and @dschaper

my finding was that modesdeco2 is very easy to setup, short but good documentation, nice polished interface with builtin stats.
a nice ‘plug and play software’ for quick results - but closed source software, totally inflexible and the engine performance is measurable inferior to dump1090-mutability 1.15

Running PlanePlotter since 2012 (or so). They switched feeders to dump1090. Since then feeding flightaware with Rpi and dump1090, ppup1090, and piaware. It works, I am in a bit of a hole in a valley so horizon limited E & W. Haven’t seen any reason to change since it works.