PlanePlotter and VRS


I have used PlanePlotter on and off for the past couple of years or so. I can’t seem to ‘warm’ to it, and always end up returning to VRS. Curious to hear from those that use PlanePlotter, and know VRS as well.

What’s about PlanePlotter that makes it so popular, specially considering that it’s paid software, not freeware?

P.S. I do have a fully licensed copy. Therefore all features are available to me.


more features rich than VRS and great ability to interact with it primarily, then the variety of receiver support, acars, databases, near-by sharers on-screen, user defined maps, can display data (ie laptop) regardless of -net connection, beamfinder, saving different configs, to name a few.
ED1. forgot the nice logs !

cons : windoze based only, ok android too, requires lots of user effort.

now VRS is good primarily in combining and rebroadcasting feeds, nice acft pictures, registers polar plot.

cons : works only through ‘mono’ in linux

’ requires lots of user effort’
then again even piaware requires lots of efforts, tha’s why you have all these threads
about customizations, gains, 3d, Joe’s scripts, Al’s scripts etc.


I think this is the only feature I agree is better than VRS, but while it allows one to choose what to log, it does not allow different combinations and/or re-ordering.

I only use the Windows version. The GUI seems very primitive or unsophisticated, not to say overwhelming when it comes to setting it up.

I’ll concede that I may not be as knowledgeable and/or as committed an ADS-B hobbyist as others. YMMV


how about these too ? :wink: