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How do I move the circles to my area o location?

Once you have set the location of the reciever it will center on your location.
The location can be configured on the stats page of your reciever. ( it seems you have al ready set it when i was looking at your page).

I’m wondering if you have selected the option to show them.

At the top right of the map screen there is a setup/options “cog”. If you click on that you will be given a number of options to tailor your map. Select “Site Position and Range Rings” to show your location and range rings.

The link you have posted is for “Skyaware Anywhere” map, displayed through internet. It shows tracked aircraft of clicker’s site. Anyone of us clicking this link sees his own aircraft, NOT yours.

The “Skyaware Anywhere” map does NOT have rings.

Please disregard this post.


Mine does

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That seems a very silly thing to say.

Thanks, I stand corrected.
Mine did not show (because of my settings) and I thought it does not show. I have now changed settings and it started showing.


Thanks for correcting me, but It is very impolite to say “silly” when pointing to someone’s mistake.


My apologies for your offence, but you did make a categoric statement (and put it in Bold for emphasis).

Best guess is you inadvertently disabled Range Rings at some time.

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