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SkyAware & My ADS-B Feed Flights within Last Hour

Hello, We just set up a receiver last week and it is happily tracking flights. I’ve searched amongst the existing questions and these questions have probably been answered somewhere but I got cross-eyed so have to ask again. Sorry for duplication.

  1. Is my receiver actually seeing all the flights shown in SkyAware or is that map a compilation of data from various receivers?

  2. If the SkyAware flights are all seen by my receiver, why are only some shown on my ADS-B “Flights With Positions From This Feeder on Flightaware.com Within the Last Hour” list?

  3. Why do some flights on the hourly list not show up on the SkyAware map?

  4. What are the little + signs near my location on the SkyAware map when I zoom in really close?

  5. What are the little triangles on the SkyAware map when I zoom out?

  6. Should I be concerned about the accuracy of my location on the map? I vaguely remember reading that my location can be fudged a bit for security?

Thanks much.

  1. yes, the local webinterface only shows flights received by you.
  2. they are only shown there if your receivers positions was used by flightaware, overlapping receivers mean that not all flights will appear.
  3. very hard to tell without a screenshot, it’s just openstreetmap.
  4. what triangles, same as 3.
  5. MLAT normally doesn’t synchronize if you don’t set the position correclty, there should be a setting for showing the accurate position on the local webinterface. Which map are you referring to?

Hopefully this picture with show (my first time on this forum site).

Just figured out that the little + are actually crosses indicating churches :wink:

Little triangles.

Configuration setting for accuracy:

Churches and mountains.

Almost answered that but was a little bit surprised you didn’t put it together yourself, so i was a little puzzled.

So the location on the local map seems to be accurate, otherwise you wouldn’t have drawn over it am i right?

You can check the location here if you want to make it more precise:

Yes, sorry. Just figured out the church and updated my original post. Brain a bit foggy these days.

Yes, the local map is exact, but my config says 1km on coverage map so I’m a bit puzzled - perhaps it is so accurate because I’m looking at myself? I’m not able to really zoom in on the FlightAware Coverage Map to see myself on that map.

Also, I noticed even the recently seen flights on the hourly list may not show up on the SkyAware map. Is there a time lapse somewhere?

It’s rounded to .01 accuracy in lat lon for 1 km i believe, so if you are at the right coordinates, it will be bang on.

It will probably also show accurately because you are viewing the stats page.

You can try this if you fancy: https://github.com/wiedehopf/timelapse1090

It’s not perfect, but it works ok.

Thank you so much for your help. Been fun watching the flights :slight_smile:

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