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Adding Aircraft

Sorry if this type of question has been asked before, yes I’m new to this. I want to add a couple of aircraft to my aircraft list but each time I paste the reg in the system says Unknown error. The two helicopters I wanted to add are G-RESU & G-HEMC both are Helimeds which fly over my house on a daily basis either going to the hospital or coming back to their base at the local airport. I’m just interested in where they have been. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I can confirm it, even for other aircraft which are currently in the air.

The error does not come up if entering the hex-code, but by clicking on it it says “we cannot find any information about the data”

Hi Foxhunter,
Thanks for the answer I too tried the hex code. I went to another aircraft site to see if details they had would work. No good. I did manage to get what I orgininally wanted but it not an easy fix if you want the information quickly. What I did was to go to the Search for flights by origin and destination airport, I entered the details of the airport I know it came from and then your presented with a list looked down the list to find HLE85 which is for G-RESU which is the main one I was after. Seems very long winded. Maybe someone knows a better way.

found the answer and it’s so simple. doh!!!
Open the app click on the aircraft you want to add, up pops it’s id enter this id into my aircraft, job done simples. :partying_face:

Ah, you’re talking about the app. I was using the desktop version in a browser.