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I am trying to add G280/Q for Aircraft type but it keeps telling me Invalid Aircraft Type. Any Ideas that can help me? I also Tried Q280 and same thing.



G280 ? The Q is an equipment suffix used in the flight plan and not part of the type of aircraft.

I did try it without the Q but it still did not work.

GLF2 is the closest code that we allow, which I have already added to your photo.

GLF 2 and G280 are two completely different airplanes.

The aircraft type codes in our photos database do not intend to precisely designate an exact model, but a general family of aircraft. “ASTR” might be another possibility since the G280 is derived from the Astra Galaxy.

For example, many aircraft are classified under “HXB” (Experimental 100kts-200kts) or “P28A” (various sizes and revisions of Cherokee, Warrior, Archer, Cadet).

In that case I would use GLXY ( or whatever it is) since the 280 is an upgraded Galaxy.
I always figured you used the same table that flight plans use.
Using GLF2 makes as much sense as calling a 737 a B748. They are related in name only.

Thanks for the info. Sorry for the late response but still getting use to this.