HOW WHY WHAT to do? Adding aircraft type?

Quite a few times when I am trying to add aircraft type to one of my photos the system will not let it happen. In particular I am adding photos of a Black-hawk UH60, which is a proper designation for this aircraft, in fact the uh-60 has 210 photos Pier listed under that designation. How is it that the system will not allow me to add this? I have added them in the past under that designation and they are on the page with the 210 uh-60s. any help would be appreciated in trying to figure this out. Is it possible that Flight Aware has them listed under a different aircraft type?

The ICAO type designator for the Black Hawk is H60 not UH60. It may be that the interface does not check for correct designation at the time of upload, but does enforce it after the photo is uploaded.