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Added filter. Gained flights on FR24, dropped on flightaware

Hey guys,

Hope some of the experts can help.

Running a flightaware pro plus stick with black flightaware antenna. Cean pi install with piaware main software and fr24 feeder. Been getting really good hits with this setup. Thought I’d add a AirNav RadarBox 1090 MHz ADS-B Filter behind it since I’m in the NY/NJ metro area. Now with the filter I’m getting a weird phenomena. On piaware the total aircraft and positions dropped by almost 15%. Yet on fr24 I gained nearly 20%. Its pretty significant. You can see the results immediately after installing the filter. I remove it and everything evens out again.

Also noticed over all everything has dropped. Maybe due to the bad weather in the area.

I might just yank off the filter and leave it be. Maybe I’ll try the uptronics preamp with filter.


That’s not a product as far as i’m aware.
Are you talking about the green USB receiver they offer?

Edit: … seems there’s a new product, nevermind this question.

I think it’s this one:

Just saw it in another thread, wasn’t aware of it.
No clue what the passband is like.

@gumbi4u you really want local graphs to make comparisons, some aspects aren’t shown by the online stats.

Yep that is the one.I wanted to get the flightaware blue tube version but its not available. Thought I’d give this one a shot.

Wohoo, they made the filter “blue”. Good marketing :wink:

I have ordered this filter directly from AirNave site (due to lower shipping cost and no sales tax, as compared to Amazon).

Awating delivery. Will put it on trial run when delivered, and post results.

Nice! Looking forward for the results.

The past two days after introducing the filter into the setup, It seems its a drop between BOTH platforms. Its just FR24 is showing a slight “advantage” over FA.

What is your gain setting for dump1090?
Which one you have, dump1090-fa or dump1090-mutability?
Which image are you using (Raspbian image, or Pi24 image, or Piaware SD card image)?

Running a rasbian image. Dump 1090fa. Gain is still at default -10. Before the filter, I did play around with the settings and +40 gave the second best results to the default setting.

My experience exactly. We must have received defective units. The RadarBox stick cost the same as the FA Pro Plus on Amazon Canada, so the choice is an easy one for me.

Regarding the RadarBox filter, I was thinking of getting one, no more.

My experience so far is:

  1. for quick and cheap - FA Pro Plus;
  2. a little more money and trouble - RTL-SDR Blog v3 and RTL-SDR Blog LNA+filter combo.

To make option 2 easier, I’m considering the NooElec SmarTee, instead of the RTL-SDR Blog stick, because of the always ON bias-tee.

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