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Add second station to existig user?

Hi guys,

Just back in to the game after a few years out - home station up and tracking nicely.

I’ve got another station in a remote location (c400 miles away from me), that i’d like to add as a second station to my user.

Ideally, I’d like to show two range rings / live coverage on the FA map, obvs centralised around the two stations, one in the north of England, one in the South…

Is this possible, do I just manually set the feeder-id in the receiver config to the same as my current one?

TIA :slight_smile:

Is that feeder currently associated with another user?
By default, you need to be logged into Flightaware.com while on the feeder’s local network to associate the feeder with your user account.

Don’t do that. It’s called a Unique ID for a reason!

Just claim the additional feeder

Thanks guys - my dad set one up under his own user a year or so back (he’s south of england), but hes not really interested anymore, so the idea would be to add it to mine…

If I read you guys right, if I completely reinstall PIAware 4 (formatting the SD in the process), login as me on his local PC, then claim the station from his PC, that would find the PI, and add it to the currently liogged in in user, i,e me?

Sounds simple enough… :slight_smile:

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But make sure he does not start his device again wit the same feeder ID

DM me the feeder-id you’d like to add to your account and I can manually do it on my end if you prefer.


I don’t think that’s possible - You’ll have two feeders associated with the same account but they won’t actually be linked together.

You are better off doing this with something like VRS or maybe modes2


ModeSmixer2 (link seems to be down for me at the moment)

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Strange even the domain itself is not reachable…
Host cannot be resolved. This seem to be more than only a downtime.

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As far as I know, you can’t have range circles over multiple locations in VRS, at least I don’t think so. You can show receiver range plots for multiple receivers but not the concentric circles around different locations.

correct, not possible. only the max range plots can be combined. The range rings require to set a location. And even this is based on the browser, it cannot be done on the server itself.
So every user could set the location individually which makes it somewhat useless

I think the multiple receiver functionality would override the lack of multiple range rings.

The Modesdeco site seems to be back up today.

Hi guys,

I now have both the stations feeding my user - shows as a 2nd Site at the top.

It shows “AIRCRAFT REPORTED (ALL SITES)” showing charts for both sites, although of course all other information is per-site.

FA seems to be working as expected, but FYI @eric1tran the 2 sites are:

137962 (mine)
138074 (dads)

The “Live map with coverage for both sites” is of course done locally (forgot that :wink: ) .

Ultiumately, goal is to “see how much of the UK I can cover” with sites at multiple locations - all on the one map.

From memory, this needs jiggering with Beast Feed ports etc etc, so maybe something for another day.

Rather than having a 3rd machine running for VRS, could I not port forward Beast etc on one PI to the privately exposed local Dump1090 on the other PI; giving that Dmp1090 live map 2 feeds?
(Like I say, I vaguely remember this stuff - so hopefully that makes sense!:wink: )

Ideally, I’d like to get the static “range polygons” (retained over time) - I did have that running with pA 3.x in the past (I was quite engaged here in the forums about a year or so ago) - assume thats still possible with pA 4? (may actually have been ADSB Reciever image, which I recall JP used to maintain, which seems to have gone away now).

Currently running stock pA 4 on both Pi’s - havent even tweaked PPM etc yet…

Thanks - thats really what Im after, MaxRange plot polygons rather than the range rings…

So - as I rea this - looks like I’d set Dad’s up basically as a headless / dumb receiver (would that even need pA on?), then use something like ModeSMixer to pipe the data over the internet to my Pi.

Mi Pi would be doing two things…

!. Capturing its own, local feed
2. Running some UI to build the maps from both the local (mine) and remote (dads) feeds… ?

Looking at the ModeSMixer site, I read the following - whats the best / lightest app for doing that on a Pi 3 B - bearing in mind it’s also running its own local feeder?

ModeSMixer2 can output the data over network in a variety of different formats for use with many of the available virtual radar applications including BaseStation, PlanePlotter, Virtual Radar Server, ADSBScope and Globe-S RTL Edition."

Of course, this is all negated if I can find one of the ADSB agregators that’ll let me feed both stations in to the same account, with combined “Max Range Polygon map UI”.

First agregator that does it gets it… :wink:

Anyone know an Agg that does?