Add-on package issue Piaware status web page

Hi all

I’m playing with GPS location for the piaware (just because I have a spare gps). There are some anomolies with the Piaware SD card image and the uart (no /dev/serial0 ?) so I built a new system from Jessie Lite and installed the add-on package. The gps side works great and Piaware gets its location from gpsd.

What I’m missing is the Piaware status page that the image provides but does not appear to have been installed with the package install. I get the map as expected at /dump1090-fa but no status page (the one with the traffic lights) at the web server root /. Going to the root gives me just the lighttpd home/info page.

Anybody got any ideas on that one?

Looks like a bunch of files didn’t go into into /var/www/html

Any idea where they would populate from ?

The status page is specific to the sdcard image and isn’t installed as part of a piaware / dujmp1090-fa package-based install.

You could try installing the piaware-web package (YMMV)

Thought that may be the case - it’s a pity that the 2 installation methods are so different.

On the same tangent - can you explain why enabling the UART on an image based Piaware breaks it and stops it from booting? I want to use the UART for the gps rather than USB to tidy up an install. As noted above there is no /dev/serial0 that a regular Jessie lite install does have.

I seem to be caught between having the package install with no status page but working UART or SD image with status page or no UART :confused:

Any help very much appreciated

BTW copying across the missing files to /var/www/html gives me the Flightaware page but no traffic lights for the system status

I’m guessing you need to fiddle with /boot/config.txt to set up the UART, there is some weirdness on the Pi3 with where the UART points (something bluetooth related)
There was also a kernel/firmware bug at one point where trying to enable the UART would make the kernel panic on boot.

Yeah it’s the enabling of the UART that causes the boot to hang on the PIaware SD image, but works fine on a new install of Jessie Lite

Interestingly uname -a brings back a version number with reference to rpi2. I might try an update/upgrade and see what happens

I’d better also hook up an hdmi screen to monitor the boot process and see where it hangs

Here is an example of the panic:

Thanks obj - fixed it!

The problem was that “kgdboc=ttyAMA0,115200” was still in cmdline.txt which caused the hang.

I am now a happy camper with the status page working fine and gps location via the uart gpio pins using the SD card image

Many thanks for the help and discussion - it all helps :smiley: