AD for Beechcraft


Is there anybody who knows were i can find a list on the internet with their description of the list of AD’s for a Beechcraft F33A ?

Unlinke mooney, who puts them all on their site, i can’t seem to find them on the beechcraft site…

i do find some on the FAA site: is that the place to look for ???



That is the correct site, but as you;ll soon see, it’s extremely hard to use. A lot of the ADs are listed under the part manufacturer. For instance, if your airplane has cleveland brakes or something you’d have to look under cleveland to find ADs on that part.


It’s almost impossible, i hope there is another way ?


Try this site:
It has several indexes that should be helpful in finding what you need.


Does the Bonanza Society or other owners group have a listing?


The Bonanza Society would be the best resource…IMHO


You might also try talking to the piston program manager at FlightSafety Hawker Beechcraft pilot facility in Wichita. His name is Don Woods. He might have something. Additionally, you might also try contacting Hawker Beech support at 800HAWKER2.



Thanks for the info guys,i found this list with the index stated above, is it possible that this is the complete list of all the AD’s on this model Beechcraft F33A ???