Beech 400a

Given the drop in prices, I’m considering buying a '94 - '96 plane. Any unusual operating costs or maintenance issues that I should be aware of?

Try contacting a broker and maybe some mechanics. If you were serious about buying a plane, I don’t think you would be looking for advice on a flight tracking website. :unamused:

There’s a wealth of information to be gained here. It’s a good point to get advice before going out to the brokers.

Couldnt have said it better. Here you’ll find avaitors with all kinds of different experience with different types of Aircraft, owners and previous owners.

Most Brokers are thief’s- talk to a mech.

“Broker” is just a fancy word for “salesman” so, yes, many (maybe not most) are looking out for their commission checks.

VCflyer, check your private messages at the top of the screen. We’ll talk.

It is all about the $$$$$ now days. I agree mech would be the best way to go.

Nobody ever got fired for buying a Cessna.

no, none.

VCflyer, the Beechjet is a solid airplane with a few limitations. Nothing really unusual from the maintenance standpoint. Really good airframe, avionics are typical Rockwell Collins, which is to say pretty good, but they’ll occasionally make you say “What the hell?!”. Operationally, there are some limitations that you want to consider before making the leap. Send me a private message and we’ll discuss those issues and your best option for the money. I might even know of an airplane you could buy!

Real world comparison be40 vs c550

I have bought and sold a half a dozen of these in the last year… Hell of a lot of airplane for the money these days! Be sure to minimize your exposure on the motors though!

check out nextant aviation. they are working on a engine mod and avionics upgrade before you buy.

Anybody here with experience flying or owning the MU-300 or BE40 (or T-1A)?

A couple of us, I believe. What’s on your mind?

A Beechjet.

They seem tough and well built. Apparently they’re the most reliable plane in the fractional and Air Force inventories. The acquisition & ownership costs appear lower than comparable Cessnas while the performance is better.

Am I missing something? I’m interested in peoples’ impressions and experience flying or owning one.

Thank you.

It’s a solid, dependable airplane. Good runway numbers, fast compared to the Citations in it’s class, nice cabin for 4 or 5 folks, fantastic ride in turbulence. The Proline 4 avionics are decent, almost all the same capabilities as the newer Proline 21. JT-15D engines have been around forever.

Full fuel payload is limited to 3 or 4 passengers. Figure about 1000 to 1200nm range with full fuel flying a .78 mach. Slow down to .76 and you can get maybe 1400nm. Cabin is very nice for 4 or 5 pax, but gets really cramped beyond that.

If you’re not looking to haul 7 passengers on a regular basis, it’s a great airplane. They can be had for a song these days too. The new Williams engine/Proline 21 version that is being developed is interesting, but negates a lot of the value.

Thanks for the information.

Does anyone know airframe times of Air Force T-1A’s? I haven’t seen many private 400’s with over 10,000TTAF.

So, did vcflyer1 ever buy an airplane?