… is a daily YYZ-YYJ A320 flight.
For the past few days Flightaware has been showing this and another (ACA2290 or 2991) flight with the same departure time. There is only one flight but on the map FA shows both in the air although only one has a track link and it’s usually the ‘phantom’ one.

1191 is the flight, where is 229x being picked up from ?

EDIT: Never mind, I think I figured it out. Although 1191 is nominally an A320 flight (per the timetable), on some days like today an Embraer 190 is subsituted presumably because the loads are light. When that happens it operates with the other flight number so I’m guessing they (AC) file both flight plans and then only activate the one they need but don’t cancel the other. Another instance of FA “predicting” a flight which never happens.