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Case of Mistaken Identity?

A flight recently started from KAUS and initially did not have a FA link. After a few ticks, a link was added:
flightaware.com/live/flight/221/ … 1124/1350Z
Now it no longer appears.

So I checked the FA map and found this flight apparently in the same place.

Is this a parsing error? I notice both flights are numbered 221.

US airlines will often only enter their flight number (e.g., 221) as the transponder ident rather than the ICAO identifier on the flight plan, FFT221. FlightAware corrects it on the back-end, but not on your PiAware receiver (yet).


I see this ALOT coming over KALB.

So I’m guessing that since FA public feed is delayed by about 5 minutes, generally, these situations should be corrected within a few minutes of take-off. Is that a fair presumption?

No, it should be nearly live.