Newbie, Few Questions

Finally bit the bullet and bought a Raspberry Pi B+. I’m running PiAware 1.20. I appears that my feeds are updating to FA properly. I’m probably blind, but I don’t totally understand the web interface live tracking. I have a few (dumb) questions I was hoping someone could help me with. What do Msgs and Seen mean? Why does it sometimes match a flight number and sometimes it does not? It seems like when it matches, there is a plane icon that appears on the map. Also, it feels like there should be more planes that show up in the log. There will be planes that are closer than ones that are being tracked that I see on FR24 but do not come up in the log. Also, is there a way to save the log to review later? Thank you for the help! I’m glad I’m finally able to contribute to the site!

You might want to start here:

I’ve read all the faqs and I probably overlooked it, but I didn’t see anything in there regarding my questions.

Check out these threads. We’ve all had the same questions. Welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking, jpolch posted some more.

Thanks for posting those! I looked through some old threads and must of passed over those. Clears up a ton of of questions. Thank you! I agree it would be nice to have a legend or a pinned thread at the top explaining some of the basic dump1090 output thins.

One more thing, is there a way to see a daily log of all the planes that have been tracked or spotted or review at a later time? Thanks for the help!