help for new user

Starting about noon Saturday, my feed to flight aware just seems to quit. Rebuilt new card, it logs once usually and then no more. Tonight downloaded the complete package form flight aware and let it boot up and start. Once again it logged once. I cal look through View1090 and see multiple planes showing all output. Ran tail and monitored the pawer.out and it shows connecting and uploads, but statistics show no reports since last shot.

12/16/2014 00:14:20 piaware is exiting…
12/16/2014 00:14:44 0 msgs recv’d from dump1090; 0 msgs sent to FlightAware
12/16/2014 00:15:14 server is sending alive messages; we will expect them
12/16/2014 00:19:14 seconds since last message or startup (301) less than threshold for action (3600), waiting…
12/16/2014 00:19:14 dump1090 is listening for connections on FA-style port 10001
12/16/2014 00:19:44 0 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (0 in last 5m); 1 msgs sent to FlightAware
12/16/2014 00:20:06 piaware received a message from the ADS-B source!
12/16/2014 00:24:44 1 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (1 in last 5m); 3 msgs sent to FlightAware
12/16/2014 00:25:51 piaware has successfully sent several msgs to FlightAware!
12/16/2014 00:29:44 17 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (16 in last 5m); 20 msgs sent to FlightAware
12/16/2014 00:34:44 26 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (9 in last 5m); 30 msgs sent to FlightAware
12/16/2014 00:39:44 28 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (2 in last 5m); 33 msgs sent to FlightAware

Saw some other messages that they had server problems late last week and wonder if that is whats happening.

Anything to check would be appreciated.


Where are you looking? From your userid, I went to the adsb site at:
If that’s you , you seem to be running. Welcome aboard

Well at least it’s now putting up something. Have been watching via view1090 and have seen more than reported. Have three SD cards built now. To from scratch and now 1 with the img file from Flight aware which currently using. Also added an auto reboot once a day to this one. Still not sure what happened, have not made any changes since last Thursday and it just seemed to quit reporting around noon Saturday.

Was averaging around 60 planes a day, will see what tomorrow brings.

Once I can get this mastered plan on putting one at my base airport also.

Thanks for the reply !


Another new user here. I did put together the Piaware unit based on recommendations, claimed the device successfully and can see in the piaware.out the info is being sent to FA, but the ADSB stats page stating that there is no Active Sites. How to troubleshoot?


Seems that the issue has been resolved now. Not sure what have happened.

Have built a second system which am about to move about 50 miles out from my location this week to my hanger, but this time used plane plotter with rtl1090, same type antenna , same elevation about 10 feet apart. Statistics have pretty much remained the same on the raspberrypi with flightaware image, the rtl1090 with plane plotter on windows is seeing 3 times as many aircraft and about 10 times the position reports.

Could piaware for raspberry need some more Tweeks?


Did you try planeplotter with dump1090? I think PP feels that dump1090 provides better data than RTL1090. Just asking.

Not yet, currently out of town,am going to try that when get back.