Tracking flight by ATC ident (e.g., BAW33K) vs flight #


Hi everyone,

Many airlines (particularly in Europe) operate with a call sign that is different from their flight number. For example, British Airways 179 from London to New York would commonly be called BA179 or BAW179, but the identifier used by air traffic control and transmitted via ADS-B/ModeS is BAW33K. FlightAware usually maps these to the flight number behind the scenes so that people can track the flight by flight number. However, this is problematic for PiAware/FlightFeeder/etc feeders who see “BAW33K” on their web display and when they click on the ident, FlightAware says it’s not found.

Today – this is improved! If FlightAware maps the ATC ident to the flight number, you can still search for the flight using the ATC ident. This is available now and should dramatically improve the success of clicking links from your local client:

We’ve got a lot more coming soon to improve the experience. Thanks for your participation, help, and support.