AAL Flight 75 (KIAD-KLAX) Canceled after 1st class boarded


My son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren were supposed to be coming home on this flight 7-14-10. They were having a snack when 1st class was called to board. After these folks boarded, the door was shut and the “voter” class was told there would be an announcement in about 20 minutes. When the announcement came it was “the flight is canceled”, First class exited (drinks in hand).

Any information on what happened?

My folks are now on the same flight for Friday, 7-16-10.


Well, for one thing, if you are in first class, you could care less if you’re stuck on a plane for 3 hours. The fact that it only took them 20 minutes to decide would lead me to believe it was a mechanical but it could have been weather considering how much weather was in the northeast yesterday. Also, most airlines usually board F/J class first with a break so that ground service can be done for those passengers.


Sounds like the pilot forgot the keys… just kidding… Sounds mechanical and seeing how luggage is loading when you get the plane I would not be surprised if it was a broken handle, door wont shut, or a cart bumped the plane and it needed inspected or was inspected and could not fly.