A Perfect Example Of Richard Anderson Being Richard Anderson


I copy this from an article on Yahoo :
Keeping pace with the current expansion strategies, Delta Air Lines (DAL) announced plans to start 2 flights from Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport in Dickinson, North Dakota to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, every day. The service – slated to come into effect from June 10 – will be rendered by Delta Connection carrier SkyWest Airlines via 50-seat CRJ-200 regional jets.

Now this dope sank Comair under the excuse that they wanted to reduce their 50 CRJ fleet.

So not only are they adding flights with these planes but they bought some used ones as well.
I have stated many times I do not work for any airline but I have friends and neighbors that do.
I just call it like I see it and this guy is a demon and a full scale BS artist


Do you know anything about the Dickinson market? There’s this little thing called the Bakken Oil boom and demand for flights to Dickinson and Williston, ND have grown about 1000% in the past 2 years. 2-3 years ago Williston had 3 Beech 1900’s a day (57 seats) and they went out about half full on a good day. Today they have about 4 E-120’s from Great Lakes (120 seats), 2-3 E-145’s from United Express (100-150 seats) and 2 CRJ-200’s on Delta Connection (100 seats) and pretty much all of them go out full. The same thing is happening in Dickinson.

Sure, they’re adding these few flights, but I’m sure the aircraft to fly these are being pulled from somewhere else.

Also, DL is always looking for the lowest cost of aircraft. If there are 50 seaters on the market that are at a lower lease rate than the ones you currently have, why wouldn’t you go get those instead if you can get out of the ones you have?

Finally, do you really think that Richard Anderson is making these decisions? No, he isn’t, it takes thousands of management employees to run an airline the size of Delta. A decision to fly to a market like this would probably the final decision of the SVP of Network Planning and the analysis would be done by the domestic or Delta Connection network planning team. It’s not like Richard Anderson wakes up one day and says “We should fly to Dickinson” then makes it happen.

You’re a teenager, I don’t expect you to have a good understanding of how the airline business really works, but please stop pretending that you do and blaming people for decisions made in the industry that you don’t understand.


Jeez Richard I didn’t know you were so touchy. And don’t be so stupid as not to think for one minute that he doesn’t know about these decisions .Because if he doesn’t then he should leave. And so should you. You don’t go opening you mouth saying you want to get rid of these aircraft then go expand the service with them . Delta’s position was to use the 70 or 90 seat RJ’s and get of the 50 seat ones as they weren’t profitable.
So read the nonsense they are saying before you open you big mouth you idiot. You are no expert yourself.


Are you sure that he wasn’t meaning for markets that weren’t profitable? For example, what good is having a 50-seat CRJ or ERJ going to do on a run to KSGU? No-one truly flies there, especially with being less than 2 hour’s drive to KLAS.

And drdisque is right. There is HUGE growth in ND right now, to the point where there aren’t enough homes there to hold everyone that it’s become a shanty town. All of the hotel rooms are filled up, to the point where people are flying in and out every day because of the oil boom. That is a HUGE market waiting to be tapped that no-one besides DAL has even attempted. If this were NWA, NWA would be doing the same thing.

Besides… If he sees an untapped market, which would be more profitable: using aircraft you already possess, saving you the cost of purchasing or (wet) leasing), or scrap your existing metal, and spend the money acquiring the 90-seat aircraft for your work, as well as the lead time to get them configured, painted in the proper livery, etc. just to get them out the door and into service?

No brainer here, and I think it shows why Anderson is in control, and you aren’t.



It is also a very highly subsidized route thanks to the idiotic Essential Air Services program. The subsidy can be as high as about $250 per passenger!


Im still trying to figure out what the dude who played McGyver has to do with Delta…


Actually, it is no longer subsidized. Any airport that has more than 1 daily carrier isn’t eligible for EAS.

The only remaining EAS markets in North Dakota are DVL (Devil’s Lake) and JMS (Jamestown)


Thanks for the info, Drdisque. Just looked that up on regulations.gov. It seems that Great Lakes was able to wean itself off of the subsidy and is now providing the service subsidy free. That was effective around the last of last year.


What an incredibly ignorant post.

Everyone knows MacGyver is correctly spelled with an “A”. Just ask his pilot buddy Jack Dalton who would coequally referred to him as “Mac”.

Jeez. :unamused:


Hmmmm… MacGruber then?


And don’t forget about the “U” in “Quantas”, either !!! :smiling_imp:


There isn’t??? :laughing:


At the risk of completely derailing this thread…

The blind mass use of the letter “u” in spelling Qantas thing has always been a huge peeve of mine lol.
I also constantly get annoyed at the folk who seem to think that the logical plural form of Airbus is “Airbii”. Seriously? :unamused:


Agree on Qantas, haven’t heard about the Airbii.


tyketto and others who have made comments. The one thing that amazes me about some people on here is there big mouths. Some of you people think you know it all and shoot your mouths off. I doubt any of you has experienced firsthand the lies and BS R Anderson has spewed since he took over. Read about some of it then make an intelligent comment about him. I know from people who have had to deal with him what a backstabbing liar he is. Actually I hope some of you go work for him one day to see it and feel it . Maybe it would change your tune.


And that is how you make sausage…


In debates like this, especially over the internet, it is up to the person making the claims to supply evidence to back up said claims.

In short, you are claiming this. Back it up and cite sources that show this. We are not going to do your work for you.

Comments like “I know people who know the President” don’t mean a thing, which is why people tend to say “show proof, or it never happened”.

It is already apparent that you did not know about the economy of the area, especially relative to the oil boom going on up there, yet you want to blame him for applying a business model that is more economical and affordable for him and the airline, calling his practices BS, and calling him out as CEO of an airline as well as a person.

Those are some lofty allegations. Back them up; put up, or shut up, as they say.



There you go, interjecting the need for facts into an argument…

Oh. +1


This IS the internet. Since when have facts become relevant?


Well played! :stuck_out_tongue: