Delta Or Big Sky???


I can’t really get it into my head if it will be Big Sky Airlines or Delta Airlines. What do you think it is??? If it’s delta with they begin useing Beechcraft 1900d’s again???
What Airline Is It


Big Sky Airlines of Montana has signed a deal with Delta to provide the service using Beechcraft 1900D aircraft that have cabins big enough for passengers to be able to stand in the aisle.

Says it right in the article. Is this what you were wondering or something else??


So Big Sky is selling the aircraft to Delta and Delta will put there colors on the aircraft? If so I can’t be more happy just thinking about a Beech 1900D with the delta colors on the tail makes me anxious for spring so I can get a look at these new birds.


I am so not touching this one.


Go on say what you want to say. You know you want to.


No can do. This is a family show… :smiling_imp:


It’s a code share. No, Delta won’t be buying the aircraft from Big Sky.


So Big Sky will be flying in the northeast and BTV?


Read the article again. Look at this quote: “Specific destinations won’t be revealed for several weeks” (“Won’t” is a contraction for “will not.” This means it is unknown.)

If BOS is in the northeast then Big Sky will be flying in the northeast. If they moved BOS to, say, Montana, then Big Sky will not be flying in the northeast.


IF YOU LOOK IT SAY’S The size and range of the planes would make destinations such as Portland and Rockland in Maine; Burlington, Vt.; and Albany, N.Y. – which Delta does not now serve from Boston – likely candidates for service. Meaning that these would be the MOST LIKELY PLACE for these flights


No, no, no, Nitro. “Likely places” does not equate to “will serve.” It is only conjecture on the part of the reporter. There are many other cities that could be served with the 1900’s from BOS including cities in Canada, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and, yes, even Vermont.

Big Sky doesn’t have that many aircraft so I doubt if the number of new destinations that Big Sky will serve will be much more than 3 or 4, at least at the start.


I know that but I think that it will come to BTV because of the fact that there was a $28,000,000 project with new gates and enclosed jetways <— Jetways don’t matter for a 1900d and BTV has been trying to get other carriers here for sometime now and they want them to be here before 2007 or more towards the beginning of 2007. I just hope to see some new carriers here soon because it gets old seeing the samething.


Just because an airport makes improvements doesn’t mean the airlines will come. Unfortunately, “if they build it they will come” doesn’t apply to aviation.


I know it doesn’t meen that it will come but there is a high chance because the airport NEEDS more carriers.


Watch out Nitro, Plattsburgh NY is making a big push for new carriers and Canadian customers. Taxes and regulations are making Plattsburgh more desirable for some regional American carriers. I would say if Big Sky comes to the north east, Plattsburgh may be the airport of choice because it is less than an hour from Montreal and 1.3 million people.

Having read the article, this is only a guess on my part. :wink:

edit for spelling…two 't’s in Plattsburgh


who in their right mind is gonna fly from BOS-PWM? It takes what? an hour to drive even in traffic? Think they need to rethink the route structure


True but BTV is also near Montreal as well. And its been running a lot longer then Plattsburgh will be once it opens. But a lot of the people will probably stick with ABL, BTV, or YUL just because not that many people like change anymore. PLUS all the rednecks over there wanted a NASCAR track instead of an airport so there goes at least half of the people in Clinton and Essex county. :laughing: :wink:


Closer to 2 hours.
These flights aren’t necessarily for local traffic but, as the article implies, for connecting traffic.


Right on!

CYUL doesn’t really give great access to American Hub airports. NorthWest to Detroit and the odd Jazz flight to KORD or KJFK is it. Why I mention Plattsburgh is that it is hungry to find its place again after the loss of the SAC base. Even though Burlington is almost as close, Plattsburgh, in the mind of Quebecer’s at least, is only a short drive away.
So with the right fee structure and a pent up demand north of the border, Plattsburgh may find itself in a growth situation.


I guess we will have to wait and see. But there are more flights from YUL to the US then that. But like you said HUBS. I hope to see something new here soon. I wouldn’t mind new beechcraft 1900d’s. “Between you and me there are people on here who don’t like the Beech 1900d” <-- in a wisper. :wink: