A new feature to allow email from/to ADSB users.

Feature request:

On a users adsb page I would like to see a button that when hit
would open a new window with a text box (and 2 buttons marked “Send” and “Cancel”)
to send that user an email.

  1. There should be someway each user can Enable this feature (Default would be “NO”).
  2. Another thing would be to allow (or not) to display each users email or not to.

SO we have 3 possible combos in a users preferences
Email:NO True email : Dont care This would be the initial default (as it is now)
Email:Yes True email: Yes This would show that users email address so anyone can use any emailer to send email
Email: Yes True email: NO allow to send email without showing anyone your email address

You are able to communicate with users through PM in the discussion forums.

That requires registering on the boards, though, which most feeders don’t do.

That said, most feeders probably wouldn’t change the proposed email setting default either.

i like the idea from martin grossmann :slight_smile: and if anybody would get a first email with a link to simply click to enable the ‘email-feature’ - i think acceptance would be not too bad …

Yes, But I would like to send email to other ADSB users. I get on the forums maybe once every few months,
but, I’m feeding 24x7, and I’m browsing mine and other ADSB pages a few times per day, so it would be nice
to not need to switch over to forums.