Add feeder stats/link to user profiles or autosignature?

Just wondering about the possibility of making the users public statistics more visible within the forum.
Not something huge that would clutter up the neat layout of the forum.
What do you think? I think it would make it easier to help other members if it was easy to click and see their feeder stats.
Something like the example below as an auto signature. Site number, radar code and user preffered name if any. With each being a link to the public stats page for that feeder.
This information is already available but not in a super convenient way.

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not all members like to share that info, i personally don’t like.

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I can understand that.
But the information is already publicly available.
If i go to the stats page for my username i can see my stats but so can anyone else.
My stats page also lists my position in the “30 day ranking” along with the two feeders higher than me and the two feeders below.
Those feeder names are clickable and i can see each of their stats pages.
Then there is also the “Nearby ADS-B Sites” table.
This lists all the sites near my site and the approximate distance from me.
All those feeder names are clickable and their stats visible.
Then the stats page itself is just a URL with the feeders username on the end. Any username can be substituted to see their stats.

So what i am saying is that as the information is freely available already, why not make it a bit more convenient to use when you are helping fellow users in the forums.

All that is available is a username and a location accurate to within 10km.
Some people make their username available, however, you can choose not to.
You can also choose your nearest airport. I have the option if choosing one two states away.
You can even choose how accurate your location is depicted.

Some locations will be easy to guess the user. Others won’t be so easy.
It is even possible to be mobile with devices like the radarcape that provide GPS location and timing info in their MLAT feed.

Yes, there isn’t too much personal information there but the other information is very useful when helping other forum members.

For example i can see that jonhawkes2030 has several feeders and one of them has the highest number of reported positions in the area (congratulations, well done).
The coverage distribution shows large numbers of positions nearby in the NW direction. Meaning that is likely where the nearest airport is.
Looking at the map on the stats page confirms this, as jonhawkes2030 is shown in the Bay Ridge area to the SE of Newark Liberty International Airport.
All that traffic nearby would be masking a lot of the very distant signals which is reflected in the Distance from receiver chart where most of the positions are <80km and almost nothing beyond 320km.
jonhawkes2030 has water to the NW so no nearby high buildings but there is some industrial complexes to the SW of the airport which may reduce the number of on ground positions available.

So all this adds up to a feeder that is working well and has results consistent with the location.

If jonhawkes2030 was reporting issues with their feeder and asking for help on the forum. Then having all this information available would save dozens of back and forth messages trying to get an idea of jonhawkes2030’s situation.