Why start sending unsolicited emails to your supporters?


After being a FA feeder for a couple of months, this week I’ve started receiving unsolicited and unwanted emails every day.

Sorry but you’ve just lost me. Receiver switched off. I thought you were among the good guys - why on earth start spamming your friends?



What e-mails are you getting daily? We only send a once per month newsletter to the ADS-B feeder network and you can unsubscribe from it if you choose. The only other e-mail you’ll get is a site offline notification but again you can disable that on the My ADS-B page if you choose.

There is also a FlightAware daily e-mail that you can enable on your account but that is not specific to ADS-B.


Title: [FlightAware Discussions] Summary
Title: ADS-B Network News

…and there was another one earlier this week that I deleted and flushed.

Before this week, never received anything (probably because I set preferences).

Something has changed at your end resulting in you sending emails to people who have asked for no emails.


Hi Markv2017,

We have changed forums, what it looks like is you are receiving the weekly email from the hosted forum. We have changed it to opt-in vs opt-out.

Thanks for catching that.